Our services help a variety of customers, including TV channels, production companies, sports events organizers and news channels, concentrate on the part of their business that matters most – creating powerful content that viewers enjoy, and advertisers fight to own. Creating a show and putting it on air can be a complex and time-consuming effort. By outsourcing all or parts of the back-end production and broadcasting process, our customers can use their resources to think, create and sell better quality programs, more quickly and efficiently.

We have the expertise to design, configure and run a 24-hour show stretching over weeks or months. We provide all the technical and broadcasting infrastructure that such shows require. Besides standard and speciality cameras, routers, switchers and servers capable of recording multi-streams of HD video, we also provide all types of remotely operated pan/tilt specialty cameras with custom designed rigging setups.

Our portfolio of complete Outside Broadcast services includes setup of post-production facilities on location.

We provide support in taking a production on air.

Our high-end production support services include de-rig set ups, lighting services, audio services.

We have very large inventory of the latest broadcast equipment ensures that we can tailor make a solution that best suits the client's needs and implement it at unmatchable.